New User-Friendly Website Makes Credit Ratings Easy to Understand and Offers a Wealth of Financial Resources


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2011 -- In apprehensive financial times, many people are seeking advice when it comes to obtaining credit, as being in the know about financial entitlements is the key to staying on top of money matters. An integral part of obtaining credit is the credit score, which can become a stumbling block for those with a lack of knowledge. Many people do not know what their credit score is, how to check it, or why the credit rating is of such importance to prospective lenders. This lack of awareness can spell trouble for the financial outlook of both individuals and businesses.

What is a credit rating?’ is a common question amongst those with little experience or exposure to the financial sphere. Luckily, those seeking advice and information when it comes to the credit score and checking a credit rating needn’t look further, as revolutionary new website is at hand to offer a wealth of resources to help those seeking advice on credit scores.

A credit rating or credit score is an assessment of how worthy an individual or business is of financial credit and is based upon the credit history of borrowing and repayment, alongside current financial assets, liabilities and income. Credit bureaus then use these ratings to assess if clients will be able to repay debts adequately. Those who fail on these criteria are more likely to have a poor credit rating and default on a loan than those with a high credit rating, so are less likely to be offered credit. The interest rate on a loan can also be affected by a bad credit score.

The ability of a person or business to obtain credit from a bank is therefore based entirely upon the credit score, so its importance cannot be underestimated. This is why offers a comprehensive source of information for those looking to become more financially savvy. An essential resource for individuals and businesses alike, has everything there is to know about credit scores, how to sustain a healthy credit rating and as the website points out: "how to check your credit rating."

The site boasts a comprehensive index of each country’s credit bureaus across the world, including information on some of the world’s leading credit reporting agencies including Experian and Equifax. This is complemented by detailed information on credit scores, types of credit and corporate credit ratings for clients hoping to boost their business finance knowhow. In short, anything and everything needed to understand credit ratings with minimum fuss!

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