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New Video Reveals How to Make 5% Per Month Trading Options, Reports Online-Trading-News.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- An exciting new trading method has been developed by Bill Poulos that shows people how they can bank profits of up to 5% per month trading the monthly options contracts.

This method is outlined in full (and is provided completely free of charge) in a brand new video, which is included in this latest blog post from Online-Trading-News.com.

According to this video, monthly options trading has 10 times the profit potential of ordinary stock or ETF trading, and yet is relatively safe if traders focus on entering low-risk high-probability trades, which is exactly what this one does.

It uses what Bill has termed the 'Candlestick Trigger method', and full details of this trading strategy are available in this video, including the exact technical indicators that this strategy uses, as well as the precise entry and exit rules that need to be followed in both upward and downward trending markets.

Commenting on this impressive options trading strategy, a spokesman for Online-Trading-News.com said:

"Bill Poulos appears to have come up with another profitable trading strategy because the trading results are extremely impressive, and the best thing of all is that he is providing this strategy completely free of charge."

"The main reason why it appears to work so well is because it uses strict money management principles and employs a two-part exit strategy that maximises profits. Plus it only enters the very best low-risk high probability trades using the strictest of criteria, which is also very important."

The video of this Candlestick Trigger method, which can yield profits of up to 5% per month trading monthly options contracts, is available at:


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