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New Video That Reveals How to Make 12 Times More Profit from Options Trading with 92.5% Less Risk Is Featured at Online-Trading-News.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- Every trader wants to extract as much profit from each of their trades as they possibly can, whilst at the same time limiting their overall risk.

This is equally true for stock market investors, forex traders and commodity traders, for instance, but a new trading video from Bill Poulos focuses on options trading in particular, and reveals how people can make 12 times more profit with 92.5% less risk whenever they place a trade.

Bill Poulos is a veteran trader of more than 35 years and always comes up with lots of powerful strategies, and this latest one looks to be just as impressive as his previous ones.

As reported by Online-Trading-News.com, this online video is the first of a series of videos that will be posted online this week.

They are free for anyone to view. All people need to do is to enter their email address in order to access this first video and all of the subsequent videos.

Commenting on this new options trading formula, a spokesman for Online-Trading-News.com said:

"There is no way to eliminate risk altogether when trading options, but Bill clearly demonstrates how to minimize risk as much as possible, whilst maximizing profit potential when trading these potentially hazardous markets. So this new video should really help a lot of people improve their overall trading."

Full details of this powerful new options trading formula can be found at:


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