New Virtual Reality Headset Turns Any Smartphone Into a Movie Theater


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2016 -- Amazon recently released their newest, groundbreaking product to the marketplace and it has certainly won consumer approval in a rapid fashion. The Rokjam 3D Virtual Reality Headset has revolutionized the virtual reality market by combining convenience and everyday practicality with entertainment. Rokjam Design Coordinator Richard Brogowski set out to design a set of goggles capable of holding an iPhone or Android and turn it into a "mini movie theater." Judging by early consumer opinion, it appears he has been successful.

The Rokjam 3D Virtual Reality Headset provides users with a 360 degree, high-definition viewing of games and movies. The product has been so enjoyable for consumers that households are ordering multiple Rokjam 3D Virtual Reality Headsets at a time. Shirley Pendergass, a mother of four children, said " The kids were fighting over who got to use the Rokjam headset, so my husband and I decided to just buy three more to stop the arguing and fighting. The headsets are inexpensive enough to easily justify the purchases, especially when you cannot put a price on stopping four children from arguing!"

Affordably priced at $34.99, the Rokjam Virtual Reality Headset has been extremely difficult for Amazon to keep in stock. In fact, Rokjam executives recently had to double their production efforts in order to keep up with the high consumer demand. This product is perfect for all ages and is certain to remain a hot product throughout the end of the summer and into the fall.

You can purchase your Rokjam 3D Virtual Reality Headset exclusively on Amazon:

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