New Way to Detect Ecstasy: Mindex Comments


Horley, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2017 -- Laboratory Equipment, a leading resource for everything related to the industry, has published an article stating that there is now a new way that people can detect Ecstasy. Researches from a variety of Universities around the world have discovered a new way of detecting ecstasy, which is reliable and easy to use.

It was important to them to produce cheap testing kits which are easy to use and transport, and a certain molecular activity has helped make this happen. This molecule has been said to detect the smallest traces of Ecstasy. The test begins with a ball composed of atoms, the ball is filled with hole, which enables smaller molecules to join. If there are molecules which are released from the holes then the it will light up, however if there is no ecstasy the molecules cannot leave the ball.

For further information on the article, visit it online via the Laboratory Equipment site.

A spokesperson from a leading Stanhope Seta exporter, Mindex, was incredibly keen to comment saying, "We think it is brilliant that these researchers have found a new way of detecting Ecstasy, not only this but it is seen as a cheaper kind of testing, and a lot simpler to use. If you're interested in the laboratory equipment, the please get in touch. We can help you."

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