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New Weapon for eBook Authors and Publishers to Fight Digital Piracy


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- eBook authors and publishers are constantly struggling with digital pirates stealing their intellectual property and publishing unauthorized copies online for others to download for free. Naturally this problem is very costly, and some authors and publishers have gone to great lengths to stop the revenue hemorrhaging, with limited success. There are two major flaws with the existing strategies used for battling ebookpiracy, the first is the fact that every “digital fingerprint/barcode/pixel” that has been developed for this purpose so far has already been thoroughly defeated by pirates simply stripping out the offending code. The 2nd strategy for tracking ebook piracy back to the source involves software that literally changes certain words within the text of the document, thus creating a “unique” book (called “spinning”). The obvious problem with this technique is that Authors hate it because it literally modifies the words they chose to use in their ebook! Also ebook pirates can easily defeat this system as well by simply changing additional words, creating an unmatchable variation of the ebook.

Well now there is a better solution that is very cost effective and does not involve easily-hacked software or content-modifying text spinning, it features good old fashioned hard work!

www.eBookGuardDog.com is a service company that specializes in ebook content removal from unauthorized download sites including warez and torrent sites. The service works by first using real human laborers to scour the internet for the offending material, then lawyers and paralegals manually contact the owners/admins of each offending site threatening to take further action with the DCMA against the site unless the content is removed within a given time frame (usually 2 weeks). The service is simple and straight forward, and it’s about 95-98% successful! Pricing begins at only $70 USD for a Budget package, and $149 for the Premium removal package. A 100% FREE Evaluation is offered on the website, and full reports with links to the pirated material are always provided. Once content has been removed, if it reappears on the same site eBookGuardDog.com will combat the site again free of charge!

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