New Website About Qigong Meditation and Exercise Launched


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Qigong Expert is a new website about qigong exercises, qigong meditation and qigong DVDs has been launched. The mission of the website is to inform readers on what qigong is, its underlying concepts and many benefits.

The website explains that qigong is a 4,000-year old meditation practice which traces its roots back to ancient Chinese culture. It also shows that qigong principles have been influenced by Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

Qigong exercises and meditation is said to have many benefits which include achieving concentration, longevity, personal development, optimized well-being and health, inner peace, mental clarity, moral awareness, spiritual enlightenment and others. The website also showcases the different mental, physical, spiritual and social health benefits of qigong.

Tips for Beginners: To teach beginners qigong meditation, the website also explains in detail various tips which beginners can follow to have the best mediation experience. The website also suggests that using qigong DVDs can enhance the qigong practitioners’ meditation experience. With the help of DVDs, they will be able to learn how to perform qigong step-by-step and to master the body movements involved.

Qigong Expert even claims that learning qigong meditation through DVDs is just like the real thing and is very cost-effective compared to attending qigong sessions. The website also provides some tips on how to buy the best quality videos. According to the website owner, this is one of the ways he can help website visitors get the best experience and satisfaction when it comes to purchasing qigong DVD.

To have access to the most cost-effective yet high quality qigong videos the site also provides a link to visitors.

With the comprehensive information that Qigong Expert presents about qigong, qigong exercises, qigong meditation and qigong DVDs, it is expected that many beginners as well as experienced qigong practitioners and students will visit the site in the coming weeks. The website owner also promises to develop further. Many qigong students and enthusiasts are looking forward to use the website to enhance their meditation experience. ###

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