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New Website Achieves the Impossible, Makes Maths Fun for Kids of All Ages With Cool Math Games


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2012 -- If there’s one thing that regularly traumatizes kids of all ages, it’s the study of mathematics. Often seen as one of those abilities that kids either have or they don’t, many without a natural aptitude towards the numeric spend years feeling inadequate as they battle through the study of maths with little improvement. As teachers and parents everywhere get frustrated, children become stressed and the eventual outcome is a deep-seated dislike of mathematics that can last a lifetime.

It’s quickly becoming apparent, however, that it is the way maths is taught in society that is letting kids everywhere down. Educators readily admit that different students learn better in different ways, yet the teaching of mathematics hasn’t changed for hundreds of years; a sterile classroom coupled with a incomprehensible text-book still remain the standard for so many students everywhere.

But there looks to be a change on the horizon. A dedicated group of online gaming fanatics, despairing at the state of maths education have launched a brand new website absolutely overflowing with math games. Based on the idea that you can inspire children to learn if you take the time to make something fun, MathsGames.org is quickly earning a reputation amongst kids and parents alike as a hot new internet destination.

Speaking on their mission, the creators of MathGames.org are direct to the point. “We started off with hopes and dreams of some day making the best place for students to come and learn some math,” the team comment. By compiling perhaps the most impressive resource of cool math games available anywhere, the brains behind Math Games have perhaps achieved the impossible in making learning maths an enjoyable proposition. By creating a stress-free environment where kids of all ages can learn at their own pace without pressure, MathGames.org just might find itself transforming lives.

So finally, parents across the country can rest easy in the knowledge that there’s at least one type of online gaming which will be beneficial to their children’s future. By turning their love of games into a revolutionary educational format, the MathGames.org team has made math all the more palatable for millions of students everywhere. Across the country, this can only mean the unthinkable; parents everywhere telling their kids to get back on the computer and to keep playing games!

About Math Games
MathGames.org was founded by a team of online gaming fanatics who thought they could turn their expertise towards the education of this nation’s children. Turning their talents towards compiling games with a strong mathematics component, the MathGames.org team have created the most impressive resource of fun yet functional math games on the internet. No longer to parents have to worry about the time their children spend on the computer, particularly if most of it is spent at MathGames.org.

For more information, visit http://www.mathgames.org