Send Cargo Limited

New Website Aims to Offer the Cheapest Prices for Customers Who Want to Buy UK Products and Send Cargo to Bangladesh

Many of the UK's Bangladeshi population like to send stuff back for family and friends, a new website has been created to help the UK's Bangladeshi population send cargo home and enble residents of Bangladesh to buy UK products.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- During the 1970s a large number of people emigrated from Bangladesh to the UK, people of Bangladeshi origin form one of the UK's largest immigrant groups. Bangladeshi migrants have formed substantial communities in Cardiff, Birmingham, Oldham, Manchester and London, 37% of the London borough of Tower Hamlets is now Bangladeshi.

Many Bangladeshis that now live in the UK like to send UK products such as TVs and Smartphones back to family and friends this makes the cargo terminals of airports like Heathrow very busy with Bangladeshi cargo, one company has seen this potential business and decided to specialise in Bangladeshi cargo. To date is pleased to boast a 100% success rate, they have never lost an item in transit.

The company detail the full process on their website, they even add extra packaging at no cost to ensure all items are 100% safe and they have specialist cargo consultants. The company list the pricing of their most popular prices on this page. All prices include tax, import and export duty, etc.

About also enables residents of Bangladesh to buy UK products, the company accepts payments in Taka then buys and ships UK products cheaply to Bangladesh. They say delivery of UK products to Bangladesh usually takes 2-4 days and that they are extremely proud to be the only UK company that offers such a service.