New Website Allows Users to Buy and Resell Graphic Images at Lightning Speed

New Website Allows Users To Buy And Resell Graphic Images At Lightning Speed


Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- LiveResell allows users to buy and resell photo images at a fantastic speed and usually at a great profit.  The system is a patent-pending photo reselling platform that allows users to double their money in just seconds.  By intelligently restricting the amount of photos for sale and resale, Live Resell is able to ensure maximum demand for any photos that one wants to resell.   Users of Live Resell do not need to provide photo images.  All of the photos are supplied by  Interested profiteers can try out a free no obligation demo at

“Live Resell is part of the first wave of new digital store fronts that promises lightning fast transactions and profits using Dwolla.   Dwolla is the internet’s solution to the problems that plague traditional credit card vendors.  A user of Live Resell can potentially walk away with a profit margin of 300% in one day, starting off with as little as $1 or $4,000.” - Glenn Gipson, founder,

Every minute, billions and billions of photos are sold on the Internet every single day. Because there is a huge demand for digital media for websites, e-zines and even print media, LiveResell is able to help resellers make a huge profit from this new and highly transferable commodity. Live Resell users have the option of either automatically reselling their images at double their purchase price or they can manually choose to resell their newly purchased photos in case they choose to keep them for themselves.

“I tried the Demo version and it is amazing! I can’t wait for the site to go live. The potential for profit is amazing. The concept is so simple, and brilliant, I can’t believe no one has set this up before. LiveResell is going to be huge.” – Jon W., Los Angeles

Users can try out a no risk Demo right now.  Live Resell users  who want to participate in the Live Resell market with real money will need a Dwolla account and must have a US bank account.  As a Photo Reseller, a user will buy Photos and our patent pending website will automatically resell those photos to other buyers within seconds. The buyers of your Photos will then repeat this reselling process to other buyers, thus doubling their money. This entire process happens within a 10 minute time period. Within minutes, users can make 100% profit or more.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Live Resell via email at

Contact: Glenn Gipson