New Website Announces Opportunities for Those Passionate About Travel, Culture, Food and Wildlife


Glasgow, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- is a new website that features articles and reports about world travel & culture, food, nature, wildlife & general interest. The website also offers a platform for global writers and freelancers to express their own passions. The owners of the website have a passion for the subjects covered on the site and developed the site to raise awareness of the many interesting subjects that can be found across the planet.

Visitors to the site will find sections on Food, Travel & Culture, Wildlife and General Interest. Each section contains interesting reports about any given topic that readers might find interesting. For example the Travel & Culture section currently features articles about the Lalibela Rock Churches in Ethiopia the well-known Aurora Borealis, the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan and the Mud Volcanoes of Gobustan in Azerbaijan. Each article it accompanied by a stunning photograph that is linked to the report about the topic. The reports themselves are comprehensive pieces that detail every aspect of the subject being covered. The owners of the site have even included a comment section for readers to share their feedback.

The home page of the site features the top reports from each section so that visitors can see the latest topics being covered throughout the site. These previews offer a small portion of the report so that visitors will be enticed to click and read the entire piece. Another unique feature of the site is what’s called the “Wanted” section. In this section, writers who have interesting and relevant articles to share can contact the website owners and send their information in the handy contact forms. The ability to let aspiring and passionate writers share their articles is something the developer of the website had in mind from the very beginning.

Those interested in learning more about this informative website or who want to read some of the interesting articles found on it can visit the site at

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