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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- The website Budgeting Advance brings important information about an interest-free alternative to high-cost borrowings which a resident in the UK can receive in case of emergency and unforeseen events. Such a loan will be available to people with low income, and which they can use to purchase essential household items or can use to meet the expenses that arise as a result of an emergency, such as an accident, loss or disaster. Applicants who have been on benefits for at least 26 weeks, are able to be awarded a Budgeting Loan of up to £1500 without paying any interests and this is being seen as a helpful initiative by the Government in the UK to help those people who fall in the low income group.

Numerous policymakers and social activists have appreciated the scheme, which has been launched on 29th April 2013. By using social funds, the government intends to benefit the low income people of the country and this is being acknowledged as the right step towards eliminating the social inequality. Many social strategists feel that because of the economic downturns of the recent times, many citizens are facing the problem of joblessness and loss of income and by introducing Budgeting Advance Loans together with other measures outlined in the Welfare Reform bill the government wants to support such families. Moreover, one can also receive interest-free loans from the government to start some kind of work to support their livelihood.

The objective of the website is to offer appropriate advice to the people who want to take benefit of this government scheme. The creators of the website feel that many people are not aware of this scheme and they often fail to understand the entire process of getting the loan by visiting the government website. The website Budgeting Advance explains everything about the scheme, from the eligibility criteria to the applying process in a clear and simple manner. The creators of the website claim that numerous people have already benefited from their helpful advice and have successfully applied for the Budgeting Loan.

Recently, the government in the UK has made several changes in the welfare system of the country and this is the reason why one may find it very difficult to gather relevant information from the government website related to the scheme. Thus, people who are interested in receiving interest-free loans from the government should visit the website http://budgetingadvance.com/ .

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The site Budgeting Advance is aimed at providing clear and accessible information on a wide range of public services and schemes, run by the government in the UK. The site explains in a clear and simple manner how one can avail those government benefits. All details are provided to the public for free which one can use for taking advantage of government run schemes such as interest-free budgeting loans.

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