New Website Introduces an Innovative Approach to Sexual Compatibility Match proudly announces the official launch of an extraordinary online platform matching adult partners based on their sexual preferences. The website ensures an effortless journey towards an improved sex life by taking a no-cost compatibility test designed around 20 key sexual parameters.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- Romantically involved couples around the world can finally match their sexual compatibility online. An amazingly innovative website has just been launched by Internet based solutions provider Sapphire Online, offering an excellent compatibility test leading to an improved sex life. This online platform is tailor-made for couples that are not comfortable talking to each other about their sexual preferences. Sexual compatibility test at involves answering twenty questions relating to a person's sexual desires, intentions and fantasies. The advanced matching system considers the specific needs and interests of each couple to help them build the foundation of a simmering sex life.

Lack of communication and sexual knowledge are two of the primary factors behind the high rate of relationship failures these days. believes that it is possible to reignite the passion in these crumbling relationships by unlocking certain sexual secrets to each of the partners. Talking about the benefit of, the founder of the website Piotr Komorowski says, "I believe that will help couples be more open about sex, which will lead to more fulfilling, happier relationships. Starting the discussion online removes the awkward part but at the same time ensures that each of you share all of the things that are important to you."

The twenty questions to answer at are designed to reveal the sexual priorities of a person in the bed. The test takers can chose 'yes', 'no', or 'maybe' as their option for each of them. After the completion of the entire set of questions, the same twenty questions are sent to the other partner. Finally, the result of the test is disclosed to each of the partners. Most importantly, the partners only get to see the answers that both of them answer as 'yes' and 'maybe'. also takes every possible care of their privacy and only the partners taking the test have access to the results.

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About is a recently launched website offering an innovative alternative for romantically involved couples to build an active sex life by knowing each other's sexual preferences. The entire concept revolves around a compatibility test where the respondents are required to answer 20 questions.

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