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New Website Delivers Worlds First CrossFit Clothing and Gear Review


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2012 -- As a fitness revolution, CrossFit is taking the nation by storm. A system whereby holistic strength, fitness and athletic ability is developed via intense exercise, CrossFit has developed a massive following throughout the world due to its impressive ability to achieve amazing results for people of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Described by its founders as a program which is defined by constantly varied, high intensity functional movement, CrossFit has a reputation for being a significantly extreme athletic endeavour. Those dedicated to the pursuit often find themselves in a wide variety of situations and performing a huge variety of exercisers. As they attempt to complete a diverse mix of exercises that make up their workout of the day, often they find their traditional gym gear not up to the task of CrossFit.

For this reason, CrossFitClothing.org was launched. Understanding that CrossFit is a unique athletic activity and therefore required specific apparel and associated CrossFit gear, the founders of The CrossFit Clothing Review decided there needed to be a source of reviews and information on products such as CrossFit shoes, shirts and other apparel.

For those who have practiced CrossFit for any length of time, it’s easy to see why specific gear is a must. While typical gym-based exercise operates in a very restricted range of motion, CrossFit requires the body to move in a massive variety of ways, something which isn’t accommodated in typical athletic wear. CrossFit t-shirts and shorts need to be able to accommodate these large ranges of motion and are therefore specifically designed to give wearers all the flexibility they require.

But like anything else, not all CrossFit apparel is created equal, hence the need for high-quality, independent review of the kind supplied by The CrossFit Clothing Review. By reviewing all the leading CrossFit apparel options across a wide variety of categories, the CrossFitClothing.org team provide an amazing service, allowing American’s everywhere to be sure that their hard-earned dollars are going to purchase a quality product, not a pale imitation.

So for all those in love with CrossFit but who want to take their workout experience to the next level with the best CrossFit-specific gear available, it’s easy to see why a quick visit to CrossFitClothing.org can make all the difference. With the world’s first CrossFit apparel review destination online, the team behind The CrossFit Clothing Review are assisting tens of thousands all over the country gain even more from their WODs.

About The Crossfit Clothing Review
The CrossFit Clothing Review was launched in January 2012 with the aim to service the ever-growing global CrossFit community in their extreme athletic endeavours. Realizing that such varied and challenging exercise meant certain specific requirements were needed for gear and associated apparel, The CrossFit Clothing Review was established to provide the best and latest information on various products aimed at making life easier for CrossFit enthusiasts all over the world. For more information, visit http://www.crossfitclothing.org