New Website Features Discounted Laptop Parts for Consumers in Need of Parts for Laptop Repair


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- is a new website that offers customers the best prices on laptop parts. The company was founded in April 2011 and now the website is available to guide consumers through the process of finding the right laptop parts and then offering those parts at discounted prices. Having a laptop repaired can be a difficult decision for most computer users. The cost of repair versus simply purchasing a newer, better and faster computer may not be worth it or the cost of the repairs may simply be too much. Some computer users forego a computer all together when they are faced with a laptop that doesn’t work and needs repair. The owners of have created this website to bring an affordable repair option to laptop owners and already many are taking advantage of the discounted laptop parts and the cheap laptop parts offered.

When visitors come to the website they will find laptop parts offered at some of the cheapest and most affordable prices available anywhere on the market today. The site offers modems, wireless cards, batteries, CD-Rom drive, LCD screens, keyboards, fans, heat sinks, video cards, inverter boards and any other part that consumers might need to repair a laptop. According to a company spokesman, “Discounted Laptop Parts offers the cheapest used and reliable laptop parts with incredible fast shipping and great customer service for one simple reason. We want customers to return to our site over and over for all of their laptop repairs!”

The laptop parts offered on the site are presented with a visual graphic of the part, complete description of the part and a clearly labeled discounted price. Visitors to the site can search for a particular part using the handy search box or can view parts by types from a menu along the left side of the home page. Once they have made their decision they can simply add the part to their cart and have it shipped right away. Those who have used this site to find and purchase discounted laptop parts often comment on how efficient the site is and how good the customer service is. The company also offers quick shipping options and on some items will ship via the US Postal Service free of charge.

To learn more about these discounted laptop parts or to purchase a part visit the website at or email

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