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New Website Featuring Bubble Butt Workouts Helps Women Shape Their Backside


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Are there bubble butt workouts that work? This question for fitness fans is answered at the newly launched website www.bubblebuttworkouts.com/

The site offers thorough research and recommendations on home exercise workouts, nutrition, anatomy, and products all geared towards helping women learn how to tone the butt and lift and shape their buttocks. The information on this site is geared towards at home workouts for women that can be without a personal trainer. The site includes a detailed review on the popular Brazilian Butt-Lift Workout.

Started by a woman who is passionate about healthy eating, nutrition and maintaining a fit body and toned glutes, the site bubblebuttworkouts.com includes a wide range of tips from a leg workout routine for women, nutrition tips tailored to body types, articles on how to build glutes and a video of squats to lift buttocks. Features such as healthy recipes and suggested workout music make this a one stop online location for those looking to create a shapely behind.

One of the most helpful features on the site helps women determine the best exercises to lift the buttocks based on the shape of their bottom: heart, v-shape, square or round. “I firmly believe that anyone can shape their body in – almost – any way they desire, within reason, of course. Body type, bone structure, genetics and all that definitely do play a major role. However, once you have figured out how to work with what you’ve got, as long as you’re determined enough, you will be amazed at how you’ll be able to transform yourself,” the site states.

Each article on the site focuses on the best diet and exercise methods for body type and bottom shape. It also clearly defines the term bubble butt by stating that it is not a chunky bottom or a large disproportioned behind, incongruous with the rest of a woman’s body. It is however, according to the site, round like an orb and tight and firm.

About Bubble Butts Workouts
Bubble Butts Workouts is a two month old site created by a woman nicknamed “bubble butt girl” who discovered that women can often be embarrassed by this part of their body. So, she created a fun and informative site for women by a woman who understands by including what she had found works best for her. The site has articles on anatomy, women's body and booty shapes, nutrition, workout program reviews and recommendations, monthly newsletter, online store and a growing social presence. For more information, visit, http://bubblebuttworkouts.com