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New Website for Doomsday Preppers and Survivalists Offers News and Advice is an important new website that offers comprehensive news and advice for doomsday preppers, survivalists


Shingle Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- is an important new website that offers comprehensive news and advice for doomsday preppers, survivalists and others who are interested in and preparing for any number of terrible situations that might occur and require very specific skills in order to survive. The owner of is a keen observer of the news and current events and has developed this website to cover every aspect of what it will take to survive should the worst occur.

Understanding modern risks and preparing for life altering situations has been a focus of certain members of every society since civilization began. Whether the belief in doomsday comes from a religious context or simply from an understanding of the dangers of the modern world, understanding the possibilities and the various ways to prepare for these potential disasters is essential. is the first resource that puts all the information in one place providing a comprehensive review of every issue possible.

Visitors will see that is not just another Survival Blog . With a simple layout, the home page covers just about every topic a doomsday prepper could want to see and each heading is linked to an article that addresses the topic in the most comprehensive way. The website is organized to address the subjects that doomsday preppers and survivalists will find most helpful including alternative news stories and links to suppliers of the latest in survival gear.

Visitors who browse the lists of current events at will find the website invaluable. The site is updated regularly to include any and every current event that could provide clues to coming doomsday scenarios. So much of today’s news seems to point to economic, moral and social collapse and it is essential for doomsday preppers and survivalists to be fully aware of what’s going on to help them prepare for what might be coming. Visitors to the site will be able to read about the latest economic news, the details of the recent drive by hundreds of thousands of Americans to secede from the union and an analysis of the government’s attempts to strengthen its power and erode rights.

For those Doomsday Preppers already preparing for the worst, the website also has great information on emergency food basics and precious metals. By just using this site, doomsday preppers and survivalists will be able to get access to the best communications devices, generators, firearms, antibiotics and any other item that will be necessary to survive.

The website doesn’t just stop there though. It provides detailed articles about how to utilize these survival devices. Articles on important topics such as where to go in the event of disaster, what types of animals and plants are best in an emergency, how to trap animals, how to make a torch and much more.

This important new website is truly a survivalist’s guide to preparing for the worst and surviving it. Those interested in learning more can visit on a regular basis for all the latest doomsday news and survival tips.

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