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New Website for Real Men Launched

Hot Digest has made men's entertainment shareable. A small team consisting of 4 guys has created a viral nova/ upworthy style site showcasing hot women and awesome content for men, You read that right; the hottest women in the world are curated and shared 5 days a week to the digest fan base. Mon- Friday 10k guys a day scroll through each carefully curated post to see who is the next hot instagram female superstar. "Only the hottest women make the cut" states owner Khando Ital. Our users will share girls they feel are awesome otherwise we will hear about it via email. What is their process on finding those stunning women and awesome content - a mixture of user submission and keeping a ear to the pulse of social media.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Hot Digest is a recently launched website intended for men. The Hot Digest website contains pictures of hot women (both celebrities and non-celebrities) grabbed from websites like Instagram. There are also pictures and articles about various topics that men will either find interesting or amusing, such as pop culture or things like "Russian mobsters pick a fight with the wrong guy”, “Capitalism Explained Awesomely” and "Want to see what it's like to be shot at with an AK47 in a Mercedes Benz". There are also entertaining things that will surely appeal to men (besides pictures of the hottest women). All of these articles, pictures or videos are categorized under hot chicks, hot entertainment, hot mess, hot news or hot stuff.

The website has a number of contributors, though there is no information given on how many there are. Contributors Alec, Slink, Bandit and Khando, however are the most active.

The website updates on a regular basis and is constantly building quite a following. Based on the site’s Facebook page, its mission is to “burn up the web”. The owners aim to bring their audience “a daily dose of awesome”. This goal has evidently been reached. Content is provided Mondays through Fridays. As of November 2014, Hot Digest’s Facebook page has 5,040 likes.

The Hot Digest website also has accounts on Twitter and Instagram, though these are not synchronized and one can find various pictures or content throughout the different social media accounts and the website. All of this content, though, still revolves around the theme of the hottest women in the world, pop culture, and current events. Users can even opt to get content on a regular basis. The website has a newsletter that will get delivered once a week, ensuring more fun times and less boredom for fans of Hot Digest.

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Holly Drake
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