New Website Gives a Wealth of Free Fat Burning Secrets- Weight Loss Enthusiasts Offer Rave Reviews


Armyansk, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2011 -- Answering the increased demand for effective fat burning techniques, Fat Burning Fire is announcing the release of its new website that gives users a wealth of information concerning what foods do and do not encourage weight loss.

According to a recent study conducted by Shlemer and Graham, the demand for effective weight loss systems is increasing at an exponential rate. Users are searching for quality information concerning weight loss, but reputable websites seem few and far between. This is the basis for Fat Burning Fire. In an effort to give up-front value to its users, the website boasts a wealth of fiercely guarded industry secrets about how to lose weight quickly and easily.

The new website covers information including the 3 metabolism “loopholes” that allow users to eat fat and still burn it, 2 foods that most people eat that literally poisons their body, as well as the definition of bad carbs, bad fats, and the value of consuming an abundance of fiber.

The website also discusses what foods increase “leptin” in the body (which is a naturally occurring chemical found in those with fast metabolisms), how counting calories actually hinders prolonged weight loss, as well as what foods are most likely to remain undigested in a users colon and increase the chances for illnesses such as liver disease.

For Jessica Sinclair, the Fat Burning Fire proved to be an invaluable resource for her weight loss education: “When I first decided to lose weight I searched all over the internet for quality advice. Instead, what I found were websites that wanted to sell me something before giving me ANY valuable information up front. This really bothered me because I didn’t know if these websites had any good advice to offer and I certainly wasn’t going to pay to find out. When I found the Fat Burning Fire I was met with a wealth of quality information that really worked. I would suggest this website to anyone who wants to learn all the secrets to a real fat burning diet.”

This sentiment seems to be shared throughout the entire weight loss community. More than providing quality information on the secrets of weight loss through the selection of foods, the website also offers great resources for viewers to find other weight loss programs that actually work. To learn more and Fat Burning Fire, or just to see what all the hype is about, please go to: