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New Website Helps UK Residents Find the Right Income Protection Insurance for Them


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Today’s uncertain economic times have many people thinking about how they’d get by if they were to suddenly lose income due to illness, disability or unemployment. Paying for debts and survival basics may be nearly impossible. In fact, research has shown more than 40 percent of working adults wouldn’t have enough money saved to sustain themselves for three months should they lose their income. Income protection insurance is a way to limit this risk, guaranteeing continued income in the event of a financial emergency. A new website, Income Protection Advisor, helps people sort through the hundreds of insurance providers and find a policy that best suits them.

Income protection insurance provides financial support in the event of job loss or inability to continue working due to sickness or disability, whether temporarily or permanently. It protects a person’s salary ensuring they’ll receive financial benefits if they’re unable to work for whatever reason, which makes the case for every working citizen giving it serious consideration. However, with more than 100 income protection insurance providers in the UK, finding the best coverage at a reasonable cost is a major challenge. That’s where Income Protection Advisor at http://www.incomeprotectionadvisor.co.uk/ comes in.

The company has relationships with the most trusted income protection brands and provides plan comparisons on their site to help people choose the best type of insurance for their needs. Visitors to the new website fill out a simple form selecting the amount of coverage they need and whether they’d like to be protected from unemployment, accidents, sickness or all three. People can opt for additional protection for loans, rent, or mortgage repayments. The site uses these details to search the market for the most competitive rates and policies and matches each person with an expert to provide free coverage quotes.

“Income protection insurance is a great type of protection to have in volatile economic times. It gives people the reassurance that they can still provide for themselves and their family, if they were to become unemployed, have an accident or become ill,” said a representative of the company.

About Income Protection Advisor
Income Protection Advisor helps give UK residents peace of mind by matching them with the right income protection insurance plan for them. Visitors to their new website fill out a simple form to be connected with an expert and get free income protection insurance coverage quotes. For more information, visit: http://www.incomeprotectionadvisor.co.uk/