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New Website Hopes to Give Some Pain Relief for Shingles Sufferers


Manchester, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- A new website has been launched that hopefully may give new hope to those trying to find pain relief for shingles. Shingles is a virus that infects the nerves and the skin around it causing a severe rash and itchy blistering. Whilst the condition can be cured, medication can take some time to work. This new site hopes to give advice on pain relief for shingles and help speed up the recovery process.

Luke Bentley of Shingles Cure had shingles. It's not uncommon for people who have chickenpox as a child to develop shingles as it's the same virus that lays dormant in the system. Luke's shingles outbreak was so bad that he was off work for several months. Luke said that although there is plenty of information online about the virus there is very little information on pain relief for shingles patients. After a lot of research he developed his own techniques for treating shingles and decided to publish this on his own site to help others.

Pain Relief for shingles - Some Unusual Tips

Luke says there are some basic home remedies for shingles, simple things like taking a cool bath or shower, wearing loose clothing and covering with calamine lotion will help. But other things that helped with the pain were using frozen cool packs . Garlic is also a great for shingles pain relief. Can either take it in food or can get it in capsule form from most supermarkets or health food shops.

Luke told me that liquorice is also another natural cure for shingles that works well. Many don't realise that liquorice contains natural antiviral properties that are good for shingles pain relief. Just buy the natural stuff, it looks like chewing on a twig but it works well.

Finally another tip on the site was gentle exercise which was surprising. There has been a lot of research into Tai Chi that helps boost the body's natural immunity so hopefully there is less chance of shingles returning.


Shingles Cure has lots of unusual tips and home remedies for shingles.

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