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New Website Is the Only Place for Comprehensive Knowledge of Seed Stratification is a new website designed for beginning and advanced gardeners who want to get certain seed to germinate and grow.


Kingwood, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- is a new website designed for beginning and advanced gardeners who want to get certain seed to germinate and grow. This is the process of seed stratification and not all gardeners have mastered this process. Many could never find effective information about this important process. That has changed with The owner of the website has been gardening and working with seed stratification for many years and wanted to fill the gap that exists when it comes to information about seed stratification.

Seed stratification is the process of tricking a seed into germinating. Most seeds do not germinate immediately and need either time or a special treatment to begin the germinating process. Seed Stratification is the special something that is able to trick the seed. It makes germination easier, speedier and more controlled by pre-treating the seeds to stimulate the right conditions for germination.

The value of seed stratification is the ability to trick a seed into germinating outside of the seed’s normal growing season. Various parts of the world have different growing seasons and usually a seed will not germinate in the colder months. Seed stratification puts the gardener in control of the seed. gives the gardener the knowledge necessary to implement this important process.

Visitors to the website will find a comprehensive definition of seed stratification so that everyone from the beginning gardener to the veteran will be able to understand this process and implement it. First time visitors to the site can go directly to the basic overview section where seed stratification is defined in depth. Here, visitors will learn what seed stratification is and how it works.

Another section details how seed stratification works in nature and in the wild. Visitors learn that seed stratification occurs naturally all the time and is subject to warm and cold seasons. In nature seed stratification occurs when exposed seeds notice a change in temperature. That is their signal to wake up and begin to grow. This section gives gardeners the information to make a decision about whether to use natural stratification or to intervene in the process.

The last section is a guide to getting tough seeds to germinate. The concepts of scarification and soaking are discussed and gardeners learn ways to make even the toughest seeds start to germinate. Visitors to the site are also able to comment on the information given and let their voices be heard and visit the informative blog where the owners of the site reveal some of the most important topics surrounding seed stratification. Those who want to learn more about seed stratification can visit the website where they can spend hours learning about this process and the way gardeners work.

About and Kent Löfgren was created by Kent Löfgren to help gardeners around the globe with all their seed stratification and seed scarification queries and needs. The site has developed over the years and features lots and lots of information and advice for hobby gardeners as well as more experienced gardeners.

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