New Website Jiggerbons.Com Launches Offering Music Video Style Dance Lessons in London


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- People these days are busy and when it comes to hobbies and interests they have to fit them in around their other commitments and schedules. offers a solution to this problem by offering dance workshops and private dance lessons to individuals strapped for time but eager for results.

Using a method refined over the years they offer music video style dance moves and routines and make them easy to learn. The classes are open to adults of all levels regardless of experience. With lessons offered in the afternoons, evenings and weekends there is an opportunity for people to let their dance lessons fit in with their schedule.

Workshops can be completed in small groups with friends where participants can learn a music video style street dance routine. 1 to 1 lessons can also be taken where students can work towards accomplishing their own personal goals.

Lessons are arranged in professional dance studios with mirrors to allow for maximum improvement and results in lessons. Due to the classes being offered in private settings students can relax and make the most of their time with the teacher.

Often when working 1 to 1 or with some friends, students are able to learn more effectively without the pressures of learning in a group full of strangers. Instead they can concentrate on the moves that they are learning. And since they are learning at a time that suits them, they can go to lessons with a calm state of mind.

Moves are matched to the ability level of students with plenty of basic moves for the beginners with harder moves for once they start to improve in ability. Whether students are looking to learn a few moves or want to pull off routines they are able to work on the dancing skills needed to achieve their goals.

Students interested in taking up lessons can visit for a range of services and information to help them with their dancing.

About offers private dance lessons and workshops for adults in professional dance studios in London. The method of teaching has been developed over many years to help beginners learn in the quickest time.

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