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New Website Launched for Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments


Wilburton, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Jason Belholt, of Wilburton Oklahoma, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website, It is aimed at providing information on natural and holistic ways to treat hemorrhoids. He promotes treatments that leave no side effects. On the site, he has listed 3 natural hemorrhoid treatment guides which have been rated as the best and most effective: Destroy Hemorrhoids, Defeat Hemorrhoids and Hemorrhoid Free For Life. All these treatments are natural and users will be able to get rid of hemorrhoids forever. All 3 guides give instructions which need to be carefully followed for complete healing. They also go to length to explain why medicinal hemorrhoid treatments just don’t work.

We interviewed Jason about why he is advocating for natural ways of treating hemorrhoids when there are so many hemorrhoid treatments offered by doctors. According to him, the first thing that people should understand is that one cannot cure hemorrhoids until they understand their full nature; in fact, some people treat hemorrhoids when they are not even present. He recommends treatment only after a recurrence, or when the hemorrhoids have been present for more than 2 weeks.

The second thing that sufferers need to understand is that natural cures are way more effective and heal hemorrhoids permanently. He told us, “Natural treatments offer an effective, swift and permanent solution to this problem. Moreover, if anyone adopt a holistic hemorrhoid treatment, they can avoid the side effects that are common with most hemorrhoid medications. In fact, the effects of some of these medications are quite terrifying as one look closely at what they put in their body. On the other hand, they will find that there’s nothing to be alarmed about with a natural hemorrhoid cure.”

Side effects for treatment for hemorrhoids are quite common and well documented. They include excessive pain that can interfere with day to day life, bleeding, pain while urinating or complete inability to urinate and even infections and abscess.

Jason told us about a study that was carried out in the labs of a health expert, which looked at different ways of curing hemorrhoids. They found out that it isn’t possible to beat natural cures. They looked at different procedures and medications that are recommended and compared them to natural treatments. They found out that natural treatments always worked and it had no side effects.

In addition to that, these treatments are all more expensive than guides to natural healing methods that are listed on Jason’s website. The study also found that natural methods healed hemorrhoids faster, which is unlike topical creams. Many users say that they use them again and again with no relief and if they did work, the hemorrhoids came back. The 3 natural treatment guides were also studied for 3 weeks and then users were assessed first after one month and then after two. No one was still suffering from hemorrhoids.

Jason says that hemorrhoid sufferers can contact him directly to discuss their condition and how to use natural cures through his email, Everyone can also buy any of the 3 top natural hemorrhoid treatment guides from his website.

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