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New Website Launched to Popularize Online Casino in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- In one of the latest developments in online gambling scene in Malaysia, a new website has been launched with an aim to publicize gamblers about online casinos, poker games, etc. The spokesperson of the newly launched site maintained, "Finally, it is with great pleasure to announce that is up and running. Our site will emphasize on useful topics concerning the online casino and online gambling, which is starting to gain wide popularity in Malaysia and Asia in general."

He added, "Our main goal as a site is to inform people about online casinos, provide tips and helpful guides so that the readers becomes more accustomed to online gambling. In recent years, online gambling has attracted quite a lot of gamblers to play the games and have fun while also winning real cash. It has indeed come to replace the traditional gambling styles in casino houses due to their convenience."

The spokesperson also expressed the view that while some groups of people have already understood the actual conception of online casinos majority of the people are still illiterate or are reluctant to take up online gambling. He reiterated that it will be the mission of the website to bridge this gap and make more people comfortable about online casinos.

"Definitely, there a lot of advantages in online casinos, much more than what one get to experience from brick and mortar casinos", asserted the spokesperson.

According to some reliable sources, sites like are the need of the hour for developing and popularizing the online casino scene in Malaysia. At such times when people are still perplexed by the existence of online casinos it is hoped that websites like can do their part in spreading awareness that online gambling is indeed safe and can offer the desired level of pleasure and fun. For more details go to

The website is meant for familiarizing people about online casinos in Malaysia through informative articles and blogs. The website also provides link to popular online casino sites.

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