New Website Launches to Raise Questions About the Allegations Surrounding Jody Kriss

Jody Kriss of East River Partners has been in the spotlight recently, and a new website has been launched to educate interested parties of the allegations laid against him.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Jody Kriss is the former CFO of Bayrock Group, and the current principal of East River Partners, and is perhaps most famous for filing a billion dollar lawsuit against hundreds of individuals, including no less than Donald and Ivanka Trump. Information on Jody Kriss has been scarce, and those who have spoken about him face immediate and large-scale retribution, as a New York blogger discovered when sued for some $20 million for libel. Despite this, a new website has been created to present information on Jody Kriss to the public as a matter of record.

The website includes a biography of the cases Jody Kriss has brought to court and exposits on just some of the tactics used by Kriss in these cases to try and procure a successful result. Though speculative in some areas, the biography nonetheless clearly outlines the facts which paint the picture of an alleged ‘serial litigator’, using the courts not for justice, but as a money making method.

The website also includes links to articles in the New York Post and; it even shows that a subreddit has been created by individuals wishing to ‘expose’ Jody Kriss and his tactics, which have been labeled as everything from dubious to outright blackmail. Allegations of stolen evidence and using the names of dead holocaust survivors to file suits are but shadows of the worst allegations.

A spokesperson for Jody explained, “We have discovered that there are credible allegations that Jody Kriss, or “Vorton” to his Russian colleagues (Russian for “thief-in-law”), is affiliated with dubious individuals in Russia. While we cannot speak directly to the truth of such allegations, it is the latest in a long line of unproven but often spoke of misdemeanors that suggest there is no smoke without fire. We believe it is the right of anyone who might come into contact with Mr. Kriss to understand the scope of the controversy and to make their own judgments based on the facts, and on credible information. That’s what we provide.”

About Jody Kriss.Net
Jody is a website dedicated to exposing the truth about litigator Jody Kriss of East River Partners, cataloging current and past lawsuits and methodologies as well as bringing international sources to the fore to enable people to make their own judgments on the character and practices of the man and his company.

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