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New Website Lets Fans of the Classic Cartoon Enjoy Tom and Jerry Games Online


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Although online gaming has become a wildly popular industry, it is often characterized as being violent, with players escaping into fantasy worlds where aggressive play is key to mastering the games. 2252822 Ontario Inc., the creators of the website Free Tom and Jerry Games, believe that online gaming doesn’t have to be violent to be fun. That’s why they’ve created a site where players of all ages can enjoy games based on the madcap antics of the classic cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry. They’ve recently updated the site and added a lineup of the latest versions of dozens of games.

Each Tom and Jerry game is suitable for all ages, so the site is a safe environment where children can play on their own, with their parents or other adults. The games are even complex enough to keep an adult challenged and entertained. “Our goal is to provide child friendly, non-violent games for our children to enjoy so they do not have to be subjected to the violence we see all around us,” say the site’s founders. “But, we want to invite players of all ages that are Tom and Jerry fans to visit our website and enjoy everything the site has to offer.”

The site is updated regularly, so fans are always sure to find the most recent versions of each game and won’t be bored playing the same games once they’ve mastered them. Visitors to the site can currently choose from more than 30 different Tom and Jerry games. “The games on our site are still action packed and certainly entertaining,” add the creators. “But they’re not filled with the graphic and sometimes disturbing images you may find in other online games.”

About Free Tom and Jerry Games
The site, Free Tom and Jerry Games was created by 2252822 Ontario Inc., a web design company that aims to provide players of all ages an exceptional online gaming experience. Based on the adventures of the classic cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, the games are child friendly and non-violent, yet still packed with fun and challenges. The company plans to create other online gaming sites with different themes where players of all ages can safely enjoy good, clean fun. For more information, please visit: http://www.tom-and-jerrygames.com