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New Website Lets International Customers Shop at Online US Stores


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- Shopmesimply is  a new service that lets anyone shop at online stores in the US, from any area in the world.The website offers shopping assistance so their customers can shop at such US stores as Macy’s, GAP, Best Buy , Zappos or many more.

Many people who live outside the USA would like to shop at US stores but can’t from many of the reasons. Most US stores won’t ship to certain international addresses and accept only US credit cards. Shopmesimply solves those issues.

Visitors to the site need only follow a few simple steps:

- First they go to an online US retailer's website, picks out what they wants, and give them the product details by filling their simple website order form.

- Second, they reviews the order and sends the customer a final quote that includes the product price and total shipping cost.

- Third, if the customer accepts the quote, shopmesimply purchases the products and send them via DHL or USPS.

About Shopmesimply
It’s that simple.Shopmesimply is like having a US cousin who will order the merchandise , accept shipment and then send the products to the original customer. Their distribution center is located in Torrance, California and once they receive the products, they will email the customer to let them know that the products have arrived and are being shipped immediately. Having a warehouse presence in the US ensures that the products can be purchased, received and shipped very simply.

The company will even make it simple for foreign shoppers who do not own a credit card. Customers can pay with PayPal or BillMeLater and not have to worry about not being able to purchase because they don’t have the right card. This service is incredible and very simple for those who want to purchase products from US stores, but who live in places or face circumstances that prevent them from doing that.

To learn more, interested individuals can visit the website at

Shopme Simply
2972 Columbia St Suite 272
Torrance, CA 90503
Phone: 855-315-3085