New Website Lists Best Places to Buy Kona Coffee Online, a new website featuring the top online retailers of the best Kona coffee , has recently made its debut in the World Wide Web.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 --, a new website featuring the top online retailers of the best Kona coffee , has recently made its debut in the World Wide Web. In addition to website recommendations, it also gives the fans of the gourmet coffee some in-depth information regarding the manufacture and authenticity of the said Hawaiian-grown produce. By being a site that focuses on topics concerning the Kona coffee, it aims to eliminate the hassles that typically go with purchasing genuine coffee products online.

Shortly after it went live, the website has quickly garnered several positive feedbacks from online visitors. “With all these stores that have currently mushroomed in the internet, I find it confusing that almost all of them are claiming to offer genuine-tasting Kona beans,” says a visitor from Arizona. “Thankfully, I came across this site. It helped me a lot in discovering the best place online where I can purchase my favorite Hawaiian Kona coffee.”

The site confirms the difficulty of naming the best Kona coffee source in the internet. This is mainly because all the manufacturers based on the famous Kona Coffee Belt are using the same genuine beans. According to the information presented in the website, only those beans that have been harvested within the Hawaiian Kona Districts are eligible to be called 100% pure Kona coffee. Still, it points out that the kind of blend, roast and even the packaging can make the difference between what is original and what contains only a minimum amount of the rare coffee beans.

Noting how most people are likely to be deceived by advertising, the website provides the caffeine lovers with useful information on where to obtain genuine Kona coffee online. It encourages the visitors to be wise when shopping from a website to avoid being shortchanged. As one of the exclusively-grown beans, Kona coffee demands a higher price compared to those that are being sold in supermarkets. This is why the site also offers advices on how customers can save on their purchases. It recommends several Hawaii-based brands that give discounts on special packages and bulk orders.

While the taste of Kona coffee remains distinct from the other varieties grown around the world, there are some manufacturers that have experimented with different blends and flavors to enhance coffee experience. helps the customers identify several Kona coffee variants that have started to appear in the market. Aside from the fresh virgin roast, there are also those organic, Peaberry and green Kona coffee varieties. The website offers additional information about each Kona blend, including the one that features chocolate-coated beans. It further gives recommendations on which variety of Kona coffee is ideal for individual taste and health requirements.

With the growing demand for the authentic Hawaiian coffee, the website also gives consumer tips on where to buy Kona coffee gift baskets for every occasion. Since it is manufactured for a limited distribution, Kona coffee makes an ideal present especially to loved ones abroad. is where coffee lovers can discover the ultimate places to get their daily dose of genuine Kona coffee.

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