New Website Muscle and Cuts Launched Offering the Best in Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews and Special Offers


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- Finding out honest inside information and the best deals on bodybuilding supplements has become much easier with the debut of a new “go to” resource for bodybuilding, health and fitness.

If there were ever a scene that needed a trustworthy resource of information, it's the bodybuilding supplement scene. And that's exactly what the new website is providing. An inside look at what works, what doesn't and everything in between. With the added bonus of regularly updated discounts and special offers. Getting big and ripped, according the experts behind Muscle and Cuts, has just become much more achievable.

“Anyone who's been around bodybuilding supplements for even a little while, can see there's too much conflicting information,” Jarrett, who runs the site remarked. “What we've set out to do is provide the whole truth in one place, so that guys and girls who wanted to get in their best shape possible have an awesome place to turn to. That's exactly what is all about.”

The site focuses on the most popular above and underground supplements in the bodybuilding scene, including creatine; protein supplementation; pre-workout energy booster; fat burners; legal steroids; human growth hormone and much, much more.

Experts agree proper use of supplements can be the missing factor in building muscle fast when combined with hard training and smart diet. In recent years the supplement industry has made great gains and produces products that are widely regarded to be extremely powerful – as long as the athlete knows what to buy and where. Muscle and Cuts should go a long way towards providing that information.

Response to the new website from both new and experienced trainers has been passionate.

Ricky C., from Long Island, New York commented, “ is the real deal. It answered some of the questions I had about picking the right legal steroid to use to put on lean mass. I followed the site's advice and I put on five pounds in the first week. They won a reader for life. Two thumbs up.”

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