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New Website ‘MyPoolGames.com’ Features Wide Variety of Free and Fun Pool and Billiards Games


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2012 -- Across the world, millions of people enjoy playing a good game of pool or billiards. Pool games appeal to many because they are both fun and challenging and require good strategies in order to win.

Playing pool and billiards games is not always easy to do, however—most people do not own their own tables and many don’t always have the time or money to drive to the nearest pool hall to get in a good game of 8 Ball.

A new website was recently launched that allows fans of pool and billiards to play their favorite games—anytime they want, from the comfort of home, for free.

MyPoolGames.com features a large collection of free pool games. The website, which is frequently updated with new games, is great for players of all ages and abilities and all of the games are hand-selected by the most elite pool players online.

“Welcome to our virtual pool hall!” an article on the website said, adding that visitors to the site can grab a stick, apply some cue chalk and play against either computer controlled or human opponents.

“Our massive collection of online pool games features a wide variety of game types and styles. Break the rack and take on challengers in a pool game using the standard 8 ball rules or discover a title with unique gameplay qualities for a new and exciting experience. Get on a hot streak and you’ll find yourself climbing the high score leaderboards and earning a reputation for your talents at the table.”

Using the website is easy; simply log onto the home page and begin browsing the many game choices that are available. Each pool game includes a snapshot image of what the game looks like as well as detailed instructions.

For those who are not sure which game they might want to try first, the homepage includes a handy list of the site’s most popular pool games, which is based on number of plays.

For example, Rack ‘Em Up 8 Ball is currently in the top position. The game features a high score leaderboard as well as a timer, making the game both fun and challenging. But unlike a regular game of 8 Ball, players have to get both the stripes and the solids in before time expires.

About MyPoolGames.com:
MyPoolGames.com is a new website that features a wide variety of the best online pool and billiards games. The site is completely free of charge and is constantly updated with the latest and most enjoyable games. Each game comes with instructions and a list of the most popular games helps newcomers to the site decide which game they might want to try first. For more information, please visit http://www.mypoolgames.com