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New Website Offers a Unique Twist for Finding Cool Gadgets for the Home takes a new approach at helping people find the top home gadgets for the lowest prices


Staunton, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2018 -- A new website,, is taking a fresh approach when it comes to helping people find the top gadgets and appliances for their homes at the cheapest prices.

The website features a fictional character named Trusty Joe, who buys, tests, and reviews popular home gadgets. After researching a group of products, Trusty Joe summarizes his findings through in-depth buyer guides that include the most important features to consider when making a buying decision and a list of the top five products with the most affordable prices.

"The problem I found with a lot of other product review sites is that they're overcomplicated and boring," says Stephen Hockman, Founder of "Many of those sites read like a technical manual and are not very user friendly. With Trusty Joe, I wanted to create a place where you can learn how to find great products in a fun and informative way. Visitors of the site still come away with just as much knowledge as if they were browsing one of those technical sites, but the experience is much more enjoyable and entertaining."

A few example buyer guides that you'll find on the site include the top cheap robot vacuum cleaners, inexpensive espresso machines, affordable Wi-Fi thermostats, low cost video doorbell cameras, and cheap touchless trash cans.

"Researching and comparing home appliances and gadgets is a lot of hard work, and it's something that many people don't have the time or patience to do," says Hockman. "However, we all still want to get the best deal possible and Trusty Joe helps make that happen. His character was created to be a friendly companion who you can trust when it comes to buying cool gadgets for the home. In each buyer guide, Trusty Joe shows you how to get the best stuff while spending the least amount of money. Since he's already done the research for you, you don't have to waste time on that stuff and can focus on the fun part instead – deciding on which product to actually buy."

In addition to recommending great products at affordable prices, also features a blog with smart tips on everyday life. The purpose here is to help people learn how to live better lives, save more money, and share good ideas on a variety of household topics. Some of the initial blog posts include topics such as "Cheap & Simple Ways to Improve Home Security," "How to Clean a House Fast and Efficiently," "How to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill," and "10 Cheap Ways to Remodel a Bathroom So it Looks Gorgeous."

The goal for the site is to have at least 50 unique buyer guides by the end of 2018. To hit this target, three to four new guides are expected to be released monthly. As for the blog, not target number of posts has been set, however, at least one to two new articles are expected to be added weekly.

About Trusty Joe
Trusty Joe is a fun and informative resource for finding top rated home appliances and cool home gadgets at the lowest prices. Through the site's free buyer guides, you'll discover what key features to look for when comparing products and find the top five picks to buy in each category.