New Website Offers Advice on Keeping Guys Interested


Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- No matter how many books are written, how many TV shows are produced or how many websites are dedicated to the topic, there is always an audience eager for advice on love and relationships. It’s true that the world is full of self-appointed relationship experts and other people offering advice on the love lives of others, but according to J. Christian Wagner, founder of the website Keeping Guys Interested (, something is missing: honest advice aimed at women about how men see love, relationships and perhaps most importantly, commitment.

Wagner explains that the audience he’s trying to reach with his new site are women who are in (but want to get out of) the dating scene and/or build their existing relationships into stable, committed ones – including marriage. Wagner believes that what men want and what women want ultimately isn’t that different; but it isn’t always easy to communicate these desires to one another across the gender divide. The goal of the site is to help women understand how men think, what they want and ultimately, how men move towards making a commitment to their partners and perhaps popping the question.

Wagner’s plans for the site include articles, videos and other content covering the concerns that his audience has about their relationships as well as reviews and recommendations about products targeted towards women looking to find or build lasting romantic relationships. The site was launched very recently, but posts have already been added on how to get men to commit (; how to tell if your partner is interested in marriage (; why men sometimes pull away from their partners ( and of course, how to keep your guy interested ( Wagner plans to continue to add new content regularly, making this site one any women who’s sick and tired of the dating scene will want to keep an eye on in the months and years to come.

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