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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Finding the required motivation to change your life can often be a difficult process. When we're down and out, we feel depressed and even hopeless. The same lame speeches from motivational speakers do little to give us hope for the future. Fortunately, while the situation may seem dire now, there is still time to change your life for the better. A new website titled “” provides the inspiration you need in a unique entertaining fashion that is not only uplifting but fun also.

Marcus Parker offers his special brand of entertainment and inspiration to the masses through his amusingly entertaining new website. He has spent years speaking to crowds at churches, schools, and detention centers across the United States about how we can change ourselves for the better through the power of positive thinking and action. At his website, he uses his years of experience as a best-selling author and a youth motivator to show you that there is light in the darkness and that all you have to do is make the conscious decision to change for once and for all.

Visitors to the site get free access to some of his best inspirational poetry, or as he calls it, “Motivational Rap” videos. Downloads are provided through iTunes and the Amazon Mp3 store so users can add these recordings to their media players for later replays. Everything is designed with the visitor in mind, to get them started on the journey of self realization.

Marcus brings a level of energy and entertainment to his videos, which reflects his passion for helping those around him. The idea is to not only make you think about your life, but to enjoy the process of doing so. By bringing fresh ideas of change and presenting them in a positive, fresh light, he hopes that visitors will begin to assess their own choices and start to take the necessary steps to better themselves.

No matter what your current situation is in life, whether you're dealing with depression, negativity, or a parent dealing with an unruly teenager, the videos and recordings of Marcus Parker that are available through the Motivational Rap website provide the inspiration you need while presenting information in new entertaining ways. To start changing our lives often requires a small push to get us started in the right direction. Let the information provided at guide you and give you that extra push you need to finally live the life of your dreams.

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Motivational Rap University is a consulting company specializing in Motivation through positive hip hop, and inspiring teens and youth through the power poetry.

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