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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- has been recently launched to help people share their spare tickets and to help others find spare tickets, to some of the most happening events around. People can share tickets for events such as sports, music, theater and even train and flight tickets on The website provides a way for people to search for extra tickets and get acquainted with new people at the same time. has been launched with the motto of not allowing even a single spare ticket go to waste. With, folks can share as well as find spare tickets. There is a search bar at the top of every page which allows users to search for events by date, favorite artists, sports team or even by location such as London, Tokyo, New York etc. Those with tickets to spare can contact from the contact page with the ticket details. An alternative way to add an event is to send a tweet to and onespare adds the events to the index of events in the website.

There is a section for trending events on the website which allows users to directly view at a glance, the most popular events and the spare tickets available for them. Nicholas Ross, website owner claims to have a powerful search function which will scour the internet, primarily Twitter, for spare tickets to events. He said, “The site connects to Twitter and filters for people with spare tickets and then presents them to users looking for tickets in a nice easy to use interface, with a powerful search function.”

The website lists the total number of spare tickets available, the tickets available for the current day as well as the events to which the tickets are available to make it easy for users to search for tickets. The website also acts like a platform where people can network. With extra tickets to go around, the website claims that it is inevitable that new people are introduced to each other and opportunities for new friendships are created.

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About is a recently launched website, which facilitates people to find spare tickets for popular and trending events on the web. The website also offers the option of allowing people to offer their spare tickets through it. uses a powerful search function that scours the internet, particularly Twitter, for extra tickets offered by people for music, theatre, movies, sports events and even train and flight tickets.

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