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New Website Online Providing Full Disclosure on How to Treat a Fungus Nail for Good

Toenail fungus symptoms, causes, remedies and cures, are being fully exposed at the new helpful website just launched located at


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Many people suffer with toenail fungus and live with the condition for many years. People seek data on how to treat a fungus toe or fingernail and want remedies that really work. Now there is a web portal dedicated to the subject answering questions and bringing relief for a permanent finger and toenail fungus cure.

A nail fungus often begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of a fingernail or toenail. As the fungus spreads deeper into a finger or toenail, it causes discoloration and the nail to thicken and develop crumbling edges. This can be an unattractive and prospectively painful issue. An infection with a nail fungus may be difficult to treat, and it may reoccur. There are plenty of medications available and medications such as Zetaclear and Funginix are available to help clear up nail fungus.

Nail fungal infections are typically caused by a fungus that belongs to a group of fungi called dermatophytes. Yeasts and molds also can be the cause of toenail and fingernail fungal infections. The new website is reviewing popular cures on how to treat a fungus nail and reveals and reviews the outcome of Zetaclear verses Funginix. There is a clear and concise Zetaclear review featured at that is helping searchers dispel the myths regarding these popular products.

The fungi are a microscopic organism that needs no sunlight to survive. They live in warm, moist environments, including swimming pools and showers and can assault skin through tiny visible or invisible cuts or through a small separation between the actual toe or finger nail and the nail bed. Warmth and moisture facilitates growth and the fungus actually occurs more in toenails verses fingernails.

Because there is diminished blood circulation to the toes in comparison to the fingers, fungus on the toes can be more difficult to heal and remove. The body's immune system actually has a more difficult time distinguishing the infection. It is so subtle that more often than not, a toenail fungus or fingernail fungus infection persists and implementing toenail fungus remedies including a fingernail fungus cure with medication like Zetaclear is essential.

The new online portal at is an effective website in revealing the different classifications of toenail fungus along with various signs and symptoms. People who experience thickened, brittle, crumbly or ragged, distorted, dull, dark color, debris build up under the nail, and diminished blood circulation are invited to visit for the complete evaluation of top products and remedies with reviews such as Zetaclear.

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