Power Flush Safe

New Website, Power Flush Safe Offers Power Flush Certification to Connect Homeowners with Fully Vetted Power Flush Experts

Powerflushing is a way to keep your central heating system running smoothly, the process removes sludge and keeps your home heating system running efficiently.


Basingstoke, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Power Flush Safe is a new website whose members are strictly vetted and must adhere stringent rules and conditions. The websites aim is to provide homeowners with the safest, most experienced powerflush experts in the United Kingdom.

Powerflushing is a process which removes unwanted deposits such as sludge, limescale and rust from a central heating system, regular powerflushing can make central heating systems work more effeciantly. If contaminants are not flushed out they can seriously reduce the efficiency of a heating system.

Power Flush Safe say, “Sludge in central heating systems is basically the result of corrosion. With the combination of different metals such as copper, brass, steel and aluminum, mixed with water, heat and oxygen, the corrosion process with begin almost immediately.” More can be learned about heating system sludge here.

The benefits of powerflushing are numerous, the process will help to keep a home warmer, reduce heating bills, reduce a homes carbon footprint, reduce boiler breakdown and extend the overall life of a boiler.

Power Flush Safe say, “Old boilers are often replaced unnecessarily when all they needed was a power flush, which could be thousands of pounds cheaper than replacing the boiler. Even if you have a new boiler it is imperative that the system is power flushed prevent premature failure and to comply with any manufacturer’s warranty.”

On this page Power Flush Safe list the symptoms that can signal a central heating system needs to be powerflushed, symptoms to look out for include: noises coming from your boiler, leaking radiators, noisey pumps, cold radiators. Power Flush Safe say, “you may find you have some heat to the radiators but not all, generally your downstairs radiators will be worst affected. When checking your radiators for heat feel over the radiator from left to right top to bottom.”

The site is currently in the process of recruiting and vetting members, their aim is to enable visitors to Power Flush Safe to search for a local expert by using the website's member finder or simply input their details into the quote form to receive a call back. The website say, “Quotes from Power Flush Safe members are typically 50% cheaper than the major insurance companies.”