New Website Provides Catchy Slogans for All Sorts of Businesses by Leveraging Crowdsourcing

Powered by crowdsourcing, delivers tons of slogans and taglines for all sorts of businesses in minutes and at a fraction of the cost when compared to other cumbersome and expensive branding firms.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- The website that helps connect businesses with slogans that make a difference,, today has announced that it is using crowdsourcing as its means to providing quality slogans for businesses at a fraction of the standard cost.

The team behind understands that catchy slogans are the real difference between a company standing out from the competition or just blending in. The difference between and other branding and copywriting services normally revolves around the time it takes to receive a slogan and the actual cost for delivering it. GetaSlogan leverages crowdsourcing, meaning it has a whole host of experienced sloganeers, marketers a copywriters standing by waiting to create that awe inspiring slogan, unlike other companies which create their slogans from just one saturated source. With the crowdsourcing platform GetaSlogan has in place, a business can receive their custom, creative and catchy slogan within minutes of requesting one. Once a business has requested their slogan from, customized taglines and phrases appear in real-time within minutes, allowing the business to rate the ones that they like.

How do Great Slogans Benefit Businesses?

A business slogan or tagline is a short, catchy and memorable phrase that sells a business, its philosophy and helps with repeat business. Slogans are also great at selling a particular product, service or idea within a business. Many businesses publically display their slogans on their marketing material or as a headline on their web page. For example, Apple’s slogan is ‘Think Different’ and over the years, the company has stuck to its guns in thinking differently from its competition by producing innovative products. Even though the ‘Think Different’ slogan does not accompany their logo, Apple uses it extensively within their organisation.

An effective slogan paints a company picture and can help encourage repeated business through memorable phrasing. GetaSlogan customers are able to outline their goals, business and desired outcome and see the crowdsourcing element of come to life and produce a slogan faster and cheaper than the competition.

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