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New Website Provides Information and Contact Numbers of Local Businesses


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- A recent survey showed that California’s local businesses do not make the expected profit because its contacts and information are not available to the customers. The lack of communication between new business establishment and customers is a result of this said failure. When there is a gap between the buyers and sellers, the seller cannot make profit nor the buyer can avail the many offers and discounts offered by companies.

In order to bridge the gap between new business locals and customers, provides complete information on both old and new established business in California. The website reported that the information provided is carefully researched and all contact numbers are valid and working. This is a good approach taken by the website to help the local people locate new stores and find what they are looking for.

The website is not just a normal phone directory; customers can read reviews about any company and check out the kind of services provided and type of products available. This will help people to get their specific need without hoping from one shop to another, which can be tiring and time consuming. The website also has a map which will help users in easily locating a specific store. The website has all the information of local businesses located in cities like Fremont and San Jose. With an easy user interface, users can also easily search for specific shop information using the search button provided on the site. From electrical companies to plumbers and roofing contractors, the site provides a complete guide to its users.

Some companies listed on the website reported that their business has been experiencing a positive increase in customers and profit. This shows that the website has proved to be profitable for both business establishments and customers in California.

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About Californialocals
This website provides information and contact numbers of local businesses in California. Customers can check the site and get to know more about local businesses located in their area.

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