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Burbank, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- The end is near, and it may be closer than one thinks it is. When the time comes, one may not be able to think or prep for it; nor will one’s life insurance policy come to any use. The Last Day Messenger brings the insight of the happenings that are expected in the end days. It is told herewith that what apocalypse will bring along with it. It all began with the Pastor Oren E. Bogart and his wife, Pastor Ona Lee Bogart who began preaching their revelation about the end of days. They initiated the Fellowship Chapel Church in their garage as they believed the message was meant to reach others.

The husband and wife were the believers of the King James Version of the Bible. According to it, the days of man on earth have been counted and they are soon to end with all life that lives and walks the earth. What more is that it gives an insight of how the days will end for man in this world. This is believed upon by the Pastor Oren E. Bogart and his wife, Pastor Ona Lee Bogart. Pastor Oren E. Bogart previously was a building contractor when in the year 1965 he made a church out of his cabinet shop to preach the message initiated by the King James Version of the Bible about the end of days. Sister Kathy Ransom helped and accompanied Pastor Ona Lee Bogart after the death of Pastor Oren E. Bogart in the year 1994. Both women continued to look after the ministry that was previously supervised by Pastor Oren E. Bogart. The building however was sold in the year 2008.

To find out about the revelations mentioned in the King James Version of Bible; the book of revelation, follow the link and get to know about all the events mentioned. There are events that would take place prior to the ending of days of man on earth; these events are mentioned in the Bible which is of great significance for the researchers, either scientific or religious, who look to find the answers about the end of days. The Bible states appearance of Anti Christ and the White Horse Rider when the days will be about to end. The number 666 and the City Four Square along with several other events can be learnt that are backed by scriptures that are quoted from the King James Version of Bible.

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Pastor Oren E. Bogart and his wife, Pastor Ona Lee Bogart started the Fellowship Chapel Church in the basement of their home in 1964. Pastor Bogart was a building contractor by day and in 1965 turned his cabinet shop into the church. Articles of Incorporation were granted the same year.

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