How to stop panic attacks and anxiety

New Website Reveals Proven Methods to Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- People who get stricken with panic or anxiety attacks can now learn effective methods on how to stop panic attacks and anxiety .  With the launch of this website people who have lived with the threat of these unexpected attacks will have a reliable source of information on how to manage it when it strikes, and even on how to get rid of panic attacks altogether.

With the soft launch of what contents can be expected from the website, it offered 11 panic disorder treatment options that were proven to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of panic and anxiety attacks.  Among these ways on how to stop panic attacks  are running or exercise, getting enough sleep, talking to a trusted person, listening to calming music, giving up smoking, doing breathing exercises, using a jumping rope, swimming, reducing caffeine intake, counting backwards, getting and getting a feet massage.

At the same time, also showcased a testimonials page detailing how the lives of about 60,000 men and women who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks were changed by the various methods in minutes.  Taking it from Riza, one of the proud people who got treated for panic attack:

“Now I can drive far away out of my old safety zone laughing to myself alone in the car, and enjoying like I never did it before.”

The developers of the website,, is really intent in helping people put an end to general anxiety and panic attacks by providing alternative and practical anxiety attacks treatmentoptions.  The website provides a disclaimer recognizing the difference between alternative treatment and medical intervention saying that the information found on the site should not be taken as treatment or alternatives for medical advice, treatment, and diagnosis.

For further information relating to panic attacks and other anxiety disorders, devotes a section that records beneficial articles about panic and general anxiety disorders.  This ensures that users are well-informed about their conditions and are able to make decisions based on their present circumstances.  The “Cycle of Fear”, as the website says can finally be broken by engaging in a well-informed atmosphere for seeking treatments.

A statement made at the website’s homepage, says that most people who are affected with panic and anxiety attacks think that the only treatment for them lies on drugs.  This means spending huge amounts of money on services or medicine related to seeking a treatment.  The website believes otherwise, and with proper judgment from those people who are affected, the alternative treatment options are all related to a single concept: awareness of one’s condition.  The website says that directly addressing the causes of these feelings that precede the attacks is important towards intervention.

The website also believes that while participating in support groups and talking about the episodes when these attacks occur certainly help to some extent, there are also other ways on how to stop anxiety attacks, especially when he is alone.  And while victims of panic and anxiety attacks often feel embarrassed talking about their experiences, the website encourages them to confront it themselves using the alternative treatment it is offering.

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