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New Website Rounds Up the Best Experience Days in the UK

A recently launched website promises to review and rate the most interesting and exciting experience days out and about in the UK. From Segway rallies to zombie fighting, there is something for everyone who wants a genuinely unique and unforgettable experience.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Have you ever dreamed of fighting a zombie horde, partaking in riot training or challenge someone in a Segway race? With, it is possible. “We have tried to come up with single, enticing and incredibly awesome activities for a single day,” said Doug Harris of Cool Days Out.

Zombie Experiences

Cool Days Out offers a zombie experience where you can choose one of three different scenarios, but each one has a single purpose: get out alive. “We have the zombies, provide you the training and turn you loose with airsoft weapons. Everything else is up to you,” said Harris

Riot and Swat Experiences

London is catapulted into riots in the streets. People are looting, pillaging and setting fire to any and everything and now, you are called to duty. A hostage situation has unfolded before you and your crack SWAT team. The options are limited, time is fleeing and decisions have to be made and made now. You are in command. “We have tried to make this as realistic as possible, but it is also safe. We have tried to limit danger as much as possible while still including the thrills,” said Harris.

Pampering Days

Of course, the ideas of shooting things, driving and flying may not appeal to everyone, so there is something out there specifically for the ladies. A session of makeup and photography is also offered. “Professional makeup artists and photographers will take you and turn you into a model. Sit for the makeup and the shoot,” Harris said.

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