New Website, Enables Private Pilots to List Aircraft for Sale

A private pilot certificate or if you are in the UK a PPL (private pilot license) can be obtained after sitting several exams, demonstrating flying ability to an examiner and completing a number of hours solo flight time. is a new site which enables private pilots to buy and sell aircraft.


Stewarton, East Ayreshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Once an individual obtains their private pilot license they can take command of an aircraft, airship or balloon on a not for pay basis. is a new site set-up to help private pilots buy and sell light sports aircraft, helicopters, hang gliders, engines, propellers and many other kinds of flying paraphernalia including real estate, clothing, etc.

The site is completely free to join and offers up to 3 free listings a month, if you wish to sell more than 3 items or place a featured advert then the website enables commercial users the ability to purchase additional advertising credits.

The site was developed by Alex Paterson, Alex says he intends to keep the site completely free for non-commercial users, “It is my firm belief, that normal usage of the internet should, indeed be free.”

Alex says on the advertising credits page that he is willing to allow non-commercial users that have accumulated a lot of stuff to list it completely free “If you are a private user and are just selling lots of accumulated stuff, drop me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to give you enough additional complimentary credits to cover your clearance.”

To enable easy browsing the site, has been organised into sections that cover the most popular advertising and aviation categories. The sites founder describes the site as “simply a portal for private pilots and potential private pilots, to buy and sell their aircraft or aviation related equipment.”