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New Website Sorts Fact from Fiction on Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 Release


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2012 -- For years, the tech industry was waiting for something to come along and dethrone the iPhone as king of the smartphones. Unfortunately, every contender had some kind of failing which meant that it was unable to take the crown – that is, until recently. Last year perhaps the most eagerly awaited tech launch was that of Samsungs celebrated Galaxy S2, perhaps the most powerful and fully-featured mobile device on the market today. Finally, a worthy heir had arrived.

Can it be any wonder, then, that people everywhere are avidly awaiting the next step in smartphone evolution? While gossip and unsubstantiated rumours abound about the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, one website is committed to providing the most accurate commentary available on the world’s next big thing – or next big phone.

GalaxyS3iii.com has recently celebrated several milestones along its ways to becoming the definitive source for Samsung Galaxy S3 Info online. Firstly, as hype around the release of the Galaxy S3 grows, the site has been inundated with visitors, achieving over half a million page views per month. Thousands of social network users have been distributing the content available on the site and, due to this attention, GalazyS3iii.com is become the highest ranking news site for those searching for Samsung Galaxy S3 articles, rumours and news.

Consumers everywhere chasing the most reliable, fresh news on this upcoming release have finally found a destination in GalaxyS3iii.com. What is truly amazing is how much information the team behind the site have gleaned when Samsung themselves have attempted to be so secretive on this particular topic. “The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the device which is speculated to take over the Samsung Galaxy S2,” the website confirms. While speculation is all that exists presently, the site has still managed to carve out an extremely accurate picture of what people everywhere can expect when they finally get their hands on the finished product.

While no-one can say for sure what is true on this topic, it’s clear that the most accurate information available is all present and accounted-for at GalaxyS3iii.com. Tech-watchers everywhere know that they have a friend in the dedicated team behind the leading resource for information on Samsungs next amazing phone launch.

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GalaxyS3iii.com was created to fill a desperate need on behalf of consumers everywhere for accurate, independent news and information on Samsungs soon to be released Galaxy S3 smartphone, perhaps the most eagerly awaited piece of technology to be launched in 2012. Overflowing with news, articles and rumours, GalaxyS3iii.com is the only address Samsung fans need remember leading up to this groundbreaking product release.

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