New Website Supplies the Latest Information on Common Eye Disorders

From eye floaters to dry eyes, this website is an up-to-date easy to understand source for information


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Those pesky little floaters in the eye, dry eyes and photophobia are all explained on a new website, Using understandable English and terms that everyone can comprehend, is an excellent new resource for information about how the eye functions and malfunctions.

“Sometimes, when you look on the Internet for information about the simplest question, you get an answer that is so complicated and uses so much medical jargon, you end up more confused than when you started. That’s why we created” – Dummy Info, Creator,

The information on dry eyes talks about how tears are made, what happens when tears are not produced rapidly enough. It even offers suggestions on how to correct or reduce the effect.

A page on photophobia, or light sensitivity, helps to explain why this disorder occurs and ways for dealing with it. There is also a page that discusses hyperopia, far-sightedness. This is a vision problem that affects 1 in 4 Americans. The article takes you through the causes and solutions to the disorder.

“I am very impressed with the information that I found on I was looking for information on how to deal with my dry eyes. What I learned on the page has saved me a lot of misery. Thanks.” Petra K., Chicago is a new website designed to provide reads with complete and detailed information regarding certain eye disorders. The information is presented in easy to understand language and it updated with the latest research.

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