New Website That Focuses on Vintage Basketball Cards Launches

From the George Mikan rookie card to Pistol Pete, Dr. J, Bird and Magic and Michael Jordan, the rich history of vintage basketball cards comes alive in a new website that offers information and links to auctions for some of the greatest hoop cardboard ever produced.


Evansville, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Hoop heads, take note.  A new website devoted to your hobby is now live.   Vintage Graded Basketball Cards, the new resource is dedicated entirely to collecting classic basketball cards and features links to the most popular cards and sets being offered on eBay.

The site provides collectors with background information on some of the most historic, famous and collectable cards issued. A comprehensive array of articles is available on sets from Fleer, Topps, Star Company and even the first mainstream basketball set produced by Bowman Gum in the late 1940s. The site offers a wealth of information on the sets and cards that are most popular with long-time collectors including a list of the ten best basketball rookie cards of all-time.

Vintage Graded Basketball Cards is a one-stop resource for the new collector and those with extensive experience in the basketball card arena. It’s essential for individuals to be in possession of the most accurate pricing in the rapidly changing field of basketball cards and the site offers examples of how and why cards increase in value. The site provides users with numerous photo examples of available cards to assist collectors in building a meaningful collection.

The first basketball cards made their debut in 1910. After being printed for two years, players disappeared from the face of cards and didn’t reappear until 1932, courtesy of C.A. Briggs Chocolate.  Until Bowman’s hoop debut that featured the now valuable George Mikan rookie card, basketball cards were few and far between--and were usually issued as parts of multi-sport sets.  Topps tossed up one set in 1957-58 and Fleer in ’61-62 providing rookie cards for players such as Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Jerry West.  Topps returned in 1969-70 and kept at it for a dozen years before the hobby went through more basketball withdrawal and the vintage era effectively ended.

Sports fans will find data and statistics on collecting, values, and cards featuring rookie cards of Basketball Hall of Famers. For those new to collecting, the site offers advice and suggestions on some cheap vintage basketball cards with which you can start a collection. Visitors to the site will learn about the basketball card grading system and why it’s important to get older cards graded.

For many youngsters, basketball cards introduced them to a lifelong love of a hobby that proved to be quite lucrative in later years. Others rekindled their interest after seeing the relative bargains afforded collectors of old basketball cards as opposed to vintage baseball cards.

Vintage Graded Basketball Cards offers a history of basketball cards, collecting, pricing information and links to merchants that can help collectors find the most highly sought cards and sets.

Vintage Graded Basketball Cards was launched to provide background information on some of the most popular older trading cards ever produced.  Readers will learn about the six-figure sales prices for gem mint 1948 George Mikan cards, get the history of the unique, oversized cards produced by the Topps company in the late 1960s and early 70s and the latest on the 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan that still commands big bucks.  Created by collectors for collectors, the site also provides live feeds of eBay auctions for the classic basketball cards featured on the website.

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