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New Website to Help Travellers Find Restaurants Nearby

Travelers and visitors across the United States will find it much easier to locate a suitable place to eat, as GlitzCafe LLC.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Come April 2, 2014, travelers and visitors across the United States will find it much easier to locate a suitable place to eat, as GlitzCafe LLC, based in Brooklyn New York, launches a site themed: Restaurants Near Me, to help persons find suitable restaurants with greater ease.

Announcing the April one launch of Restaurants Near Me, head of GlitzCafe LLC, Randy Jackson, says Restaurants Near Me will be a user-powered blog website dealing with topics such as how to locate fine restaurants near me. He says the website will provide information that will help persons locate restaurants in any given neighborhood in the United States. Restaurants Near Me will cater specifically to persons who get lost along the highways, or persons who are visiting in unfamiliar towns. However, the website will also benefit the general public.

Explaining his reason for launching Restaurants Near Me website, Jackson says “Locating fine restaurants, especially when you are in a new area, is not the easiest of things. For instance, how do you find the best Mexican restaurant in a city you are alien to?” He says, “It’s important to provide this information as a service to travelers who get to new areas and cannot locate great restaurants.”

According to Jackson, the website will provide some handy tips on where to find good restaurants in any specific location that persons find themselves. “By accessing this information from our website, they will be able to locate eating places with ease,” Jackson notes. He says this is especially important for strangers to an area who “know no one or are lost on how to locate great restaurants.”

It is not known how many travelers venture out into unfamiliar areas across the U.S. annually. However, reports from Reuters indicate that the number of foreign tourists travelling to the United States is now averaging in excess of 60 million per year. The service provided by Restaurants Near Me website should, therefore, prove useful to many.

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