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New Wellness Company Coming to Iowa


West Des Moines, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- A wellness company is coming to Iowa! The fastest growing wellness company in America is looking for entrepreneurs in Iowa who would like to be founding consultants for the company. On May 11th at 10 am, this new wellness company will be presenting at the West Des Moines Marriott to an excited crowd of entrepreneurs.

The originators of the seminar promise information on how participants can make six figures a year helping others to become healthier and lose weight through a unique wellness program wellness program . At this meeting, entrepreneurs will find out:

- A business overview of the company's one of a kind proprietary wellness formula that has taken the U.S. and Canada by storm
- The marketing system used for distribution
- Compensation to the company's independent wellness consultants
- The company's car program, bonus offers, and opportunities exclusive to this opportunity

The seminar will be free to participants. Those who want to attend should go to to gain more information about this valuable opportunity.

This seminar is aimed at individuals who are self-driven and motivated to work hard to achieve great results. The seminar will explain how those who are interested in helping others live healthier lives, lose weight, and maintain wellness can earn top dollar by working with these products and sharing them with friends, family and others. The potential for both income and networking is unlimited, and best of all those who work with these products believe in their efficacy.

Time and time again these wellness products have been shown to promote weight loss, cleanse the body of toxins and dangerous chemical buildup, and promote a wellness lifestyle that most have never experienced. Becoming part of this great program is not just a matter of losing weight or earning money; it is a lifestyle change that becomes a way of life for consultants. Consultants have the ability to not only drive a nice car and live in a fancy house, but to feel good about themselves as they help others to achieve lasting health and wellness.

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