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New Werewolf Book Series Hits Google Play

Werewolves in the Renaissance, the newest fantasy series by indie author Tracy Falbe, became available on Google Play the last week of October. The first werewolf story Werelord Thal is a free werewolf book on Google Play, and the second novel Journey of the Hunted will release worldwide on November 8.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Google Play is the newest source for the Werewolves in the Renaissance books by Tracy Falbe. These historical fantasies set in the 16th century Holy Roman Empire draw upon the folklore and superstitions of that era to create the werewolf hero Thal along with witches, sorcerers, and other magical creatures.

On October 27, Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale became available worldwide as a free ebook at Google Play. Already praised for its unique take on werewolf legends and historical inspirations, it is promoting the November 8 release of Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance 2.

Werelord Thal opens with his witch mother casting the spell that turns him into a werewolf. She does this as she faces execution for witchcraft. Her magic compels Thal to hunt down her torturers.

Set primarily in Prague in the Kingdom of Bohemia, the story is inspired by the religious conflicts of the Early Modern era and the propaganda used to terrorize the population by insisting that Devil worshippers and magic workers were everywhere. All who were seen as connected to the powers of Nature were denigrated and often persecuted harshly as emerging nation states tightened controls on society.

In the next book Journey of the Hunted, Thal has become one of the most wanted men in the empire because of his werewolf-empowered killing spree. He seeks refuge with his father, the sorcerer Sarputeen who lives in a remote castle in what is left of the Kingdom of Hungary after a Turkish invasion. The long-time rival of Sarputeen is a sorcerer serving the Turks named Tekax. He sends his supernatural minions to stop Thal from reaching his father and seize his enchanted wolf fur that makes him the most powerful werewolf of all.

The global reach of Google Play that provides browser-based reading of ebooks on Android and computers fits well with Falbe’s desire to make her fantasy books available on as many platforms as possible. She plans to add all ten of her novels to Google Play in the near future.

About Tracy Falbe
Falbe began writing fantasy fiction in 1997. Because publishing companies never look at the work of the vast majority of writers, she turned to independent publishing in 2006. She operates Brave Luck Books http://www.braveluck.com from her home in Battle Creek, Michigan where she markets and sells her books worldwide in ebook, audio, and print formats. She can be easily contacted through her website. In addition to her free ebooks on Google Play, she also has free samples to download at Brave Luck Books.

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