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New Wordpress Joomla Web Vulnerability Scanner Available


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- The web is the number one source people use in order to get the information they need, but it is also one of the worst places to be in if you are vulnerable. You have no idea how many things can attack your site and how much damage they can do to it, but if you want to stay safe, you need to think ahead and protect it as best as you can from damage.

Since most people who want to launch an online business are on the look out for the lowest cost they can pay for the best services on the market, it is only natural that most sites are built using either Wordpress or Joomla, two free content management systems that make it a lot easier to built and control of all the things you have on your sites.

No matter what you have chosen in order to build your website, you still need to protect it from all the things that can go wrong over the web. For this you need a web vulnerability scanner that is able to track all the holes you may have in your security and then do all the things that can be done in order to repair them so you can have no more issues.

If you are looking for one of the best solutions you can turn to over the web in order to protect your Wordpress or Joomla site, then you have come to the right place. The New Cloud Penetrator Web Vulnerability Scanner Release 14.6 from SecPoint is now able to take care of all the security issues you might have to face as soon as it can be done.

Among the things you are able to get if you use the this Cloud Penetrator, we can name over 60000 hazardous things, but in order to make it a lot less easy for you to grasp, you can check out some of the categories. Since we are talking about Wordpress and Joomla sites, the extended checks target problems that might occur with attacks on these CMS.

Other categories we can name are cross site scripting, SQL injection, HTML injection, version checks, updates to exploits, information disclosure, local file inclusion, directory traversal, javascript and a lot of others as well. Once you solicit this vulnerability scanner, you can be sure your company site will have a lot fewer problems to deal with.

Some people may prefer to scan their IP just once and check out the issues they may have. It is one of the options you have at hand and you can solicit this for $49.95. Cloud Penetrator

It will reveal all the problems you may have on the site and you will be able to do all the things you have at hand in order to correct the problems for a much safer web presence.

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